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      Curious, anyone, as to whom this site belongs to? Interested in the least in who created this site? No? Then read no more for this will apparently be of no interest to you. Yes? pleasing ! Well, my name is Rebecca, and I am, obviously, a female (the graphics alone, I'm sure, clued you in to that, ne?). I am the third of four children, and the last of the females. Born in San Francisco, raised in Petaluma, and not yet privileged enough to have left the country . At nineteen I am in my first year of college, and am currently attending the University of California Davis. I thus often find myself surrounded by an assemblage of bicycles, the pleasant perfume of cow wafting through the area every night, and the most indecisive whether you can imagine (make up your mind already will you!? Go ahead and rain, if you'd like! Or be sunny - this I would much prefer of course - if that's your choice. But please, please do one or the other and stop switching perpetually between the two as if merely to spite us!). However I love living here, and since entering this college environment have been nothing but happy and positive as much as I can. I live on the philosophy or the cup being half full, and have decided that I am good, or great, unless I have a really good reason not to be (which hasn't happened yet). Why waste my time being upset and negative? Why worry without reason? Ahhh If only I had discovered earlier how much it helps to have a good attitude about life! I live to live and thus try to look at everything as if I'm seeing it for the first or last time. And so this is who I am, now, if not before. Have I sickened you yet? Or are you still interested?

      Glad to hear it (even if I don't quite understand why ). 'That is who you are,' you say - a more optimistic version of a previous self. I have changed and expect change and look forward to all that is to come (without forgetting about the present, of course). So what of that future that I look to so undauntedly? Why such a smile as I look ahead to all that is so uncertain? Ahh.....but it is that uncertainty that makes me grin so! Goals? Of course I have a few. I have an idea of what I would like my life to be like, have a rough sketch of what I would like to do in the years ahead. My major, for instance, reflects a portion of that sketch. Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. Emphasis on the Wildlife, note. I have always been one for the sciences, have always placed myself in the comfort and mystery of nature, found inspiration and joy in it. I love the wild, those 'beastly' inhabitants of it especially. Could I picture myself, then, in a future in which i sit all day inside, behind a desk? In a big city of skyscrapers and impatient impersonal crowds? Not if I have anything to do with it. And I do, of course, and I can't help but smile at that. The future lies before me and its pages are only scattered with a few sketches of what I would like. But it clear, primarily. It is unknown and the options are endless. I love that! All I need is some rough ideas, and the rest is just a matter of living, day by day by day. 'So what are your goals' you ask? To live, my friend, to live each day as well I can. To keep the present the way I would like and thus ensure better options in the future. Learn what you can, endure all you must, but stay happy. Avoid succumbing to those negative emotions too often, for only then will the futures' possibilities be narrowed.

      'Enough of this' do I hear you say? 'What of the more material? What of your interests?' Weeeell....since you asked . Perhaps, though, you can get a few without my even saying? Just look at the site and you have a few. I love anime, and art in general. Though I don't watch anime much anymore, the artwork is still prominent in my interest. I love to draw, though as I often say I need work at it, and hope to take some classes in order that I might improve. Until then I find much inspiration or else just simple pleasure in the artwork common to much anime. Recently, however, my preference has moved to the more realist styles of anime, as can be seen on the pages I have linked to on my other page. Watching anime in the past also got me interested in the Japanese language. I only watch subbed, for dubbed are usually nothing but horrible. A good thing, though, for I was able to pick up many phrases, and from that became interested in the written language as well. I will thus be taking courses in Japanese as soon as I can get into the class (so annoying being a freshman when i comes time to chose classes! last priority!). Aside from that I have interests in the outdoors and animals, as reflected by my major, and I enjoy camping hiking and backpacking, and particularly love rock climbing! I also enjoy good writing, and am currently addicted to Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicles. Psychology is also of interest to me, and I may minor in that field.

      Perhaps you may be wondering, then, with such interests as those, where a web page might fit in. Notice that web design was not listed as an interest of particular note, nor computers at all. This page, in fact, was made as an assignment for my ASE 21 class: Applications of Macrocomputers in Agriculture. Why take such a course, if it's not a particular interest? Well, there is that major requirement to fulfill, of course. Ahh....but then why spend time doing all this? It could have been kept simple. Why put more into the class that you merely have to take than need requires? Because, perhaps, there is more to it than that prerequisite. True, I more than likely would not be taking the class if I didn't have to, but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. Web pages are fun to make, and computers to play around on. They are so important to life now too, computers, especially in college. It wouldn't hurt terribly to learn a little - and have some fun while doing it. The class is needed, but I believe I have made it more than that. Why not use what I learn right away? This site for instance......why not make it more than just an assignment. Why not post in online along with my others? Ahhh.....and I shall then!